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  • Current Cognitive capital
  • Human capital
  • Social capital
  • Entreprenurial intent
  • Other socio-demographic variables
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I enjoy working in uncertain situations
The uncertainty surrounding my industry prevents me from doing my best
If I believe in an idea, no obstacle will prevent me from implementing it
I can see opportunities way before others do
I double-check my information sources to be sure I have the right facts before making decisions.
I can create products that fulfill customer's unmet needs.
My decision making requires careful thought.
When I make decisions, I tend to rely on my intuition.
When I make a decision, I trust my inner feelings and reactions.
I do not collect information actively
My style of interpreting information is analytical and rational
I can react quickly to unexpected changes.
There is no limit as to how long I would give maximum effort to establish this new business.
My personal philosophy is to ‘do whatever it takes’ to establish my own business.

A propos

A leader in invention protection in Quebec since 2001, Inventarium was founded by Daniel Paquette, inventor of the school bus remote arm and holder of several other successful inventions, to enable inventors in Quebec and across Canada to protect and patent their invention ideas at a fraction of the cost of patent agencies.


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Leader en protection d'inventions au Québec depuis 2001, Inventarium a été fondée par Daniel Paquette