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Business plan

Business plan and marketing

Market research

Assess current and future industry strengths and trends in Canada and internationally. Develop future scenarios and the resulting strategic issues.

Develop possible strategic orientations associated with the various scenarios identified. Assess the feasibility, relevance and acceptability of desirable strategies. Workshop to confirm strategic positioning. 

Feasibility study

Evaluation of possible business models, in line with the entrepreneur's profile and personal objectives.

Marketing and market development

  • Marketing plan

Definition of distribution channels, development of marketing strategy and representation of the entrepreneur to potential distributors

  • Functional strategy

Clarification of functional strategies (marketing and sales, operations, research and development, human resources, technology, intellectual property, etc.). Workshop

Financing and finding grants

Develop the financial model and complete it based on the choices made during the workshop. Financial viability study. Specify capital requirements.

Search for potential financial partners according to the nature of the project and the entrepreneur's profile. Preparation and support during presentation meetings.

Writing a business plan 

Production of a complete business plan for financial backers.

Search for potential suppliers, distributors or customers

This service can also be supported by our "Brand Image" service.

  • Business cards;
  • Templates (social networks, ppt presentations, etc.);
  • Promotional documents (folders, leaflets, brochures, banners, etc.);
  • Document layout (data sheets, forms, presentations, etc.);
  • Product packaging.

Commercial validation

Draw up a preliminary offer and measure the customer's intention to buy, in order to validate the need and the market.

Entrepreneurial profil

Survey : assessment of the entrepreneurial profile

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Leader en protection d'inventions au Québec depuis 2001, Inventarium a été fondée par Daniel Paquette