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Patenting an invention (Professional process)

Professional process for obtaining a provisional patent    

To begin this process, you must obtain our file opening kit by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. For a more detailed description of the steps in this process, please refer to our « Guide pratique de l’inventeur ».

Your invention can be protected in less than 20 days.

Step 1. International prior art search

The international prior art search is the most important step in the process of obtaining a patent for your invention. This search is necessary to confirm whether your invention is truly new worldwide, or whether it has already been the subject of an earlier patent application. Our agent will draw up a search report including a list and analysis of patents deemed relevant to your invention. The price of $1,380 + taxes includes a free consultation with Mr. Daniel Paquette, invention expert (value of $160 + taxes), who will review your file to help you make an informed decision on whether or not to pursue the process of obtaining a patent.

1380 + taxs (opening fee included)

Step 2. Provisional patent filing

Filing a provisional patent gives you a priority date valid for 12 months and recognized in nearly 150 industrialized countries, including Canada and the United States. This priority date will later be claimed when the official patent is filed. Once obtained, this protection enables you to disclose your invention with complete peace of mind, whether to verify its commercial potential, develop it further or interest potential partners, companies or investors.

1480$ + taxs

Our file opening kit is free of charge and without obligation. It contains a "Confidential Disclosure" form and a confidentiality agreement pre-signed by Daniel Paquette, President of Inventarium.

File opening - Professional process for obtaining a provisional patent

Enclosed you will find your file opening kit, the forms of which must be saved in a file before being filled in on the computer or printed out and filled in by hand. Please return the completed forms to: with the subject line "File opening documents". As mentioned, this kit is free of charge, and you are under no obligation until you return all the documents to us.

Here's how to fill out and return the forms:

  • Please read carefully the document entitled "Instructions 

  • "Return the completed documents to us at: with the subject line "File opening documents 

  • "We also accept payment by Interac transfer and bank transfer.

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A leader in invention protection in Quebec since 2001, Inventarium was founded by Daniel Paquette, inventor of the school bus remote arm and holder of several other successful inventions, to enable inventors in Quebec and across Canada to protect and patent their invention ideas at a fraction of the cost of patent agencies.


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Leader en protection d'inventions au Québec depuis 2001, Inventarium a été fondée par Daniel Paquette