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What sets us apart


Inventarium is an alternative to the staggering costs of conventional patent agencies. We help independent inventors and small businesses draft, file and obtain patents in Canada, the U.S. and around the world, at prices that defy all competition.

Why are our prices the lowest in Canada?

  • No membership fees or recurring annual dues
  • Practicing outside Canada, our registered patent agents have no minimum hourly rate to meet, and we use their services only for work that requires their expertise.
  • Our services are entirely accessible online, and require no travel on the part of either the inventors or our staff.
  • Our clientele is spread across Canada, not just Quebec
  • Our confidentiality agreements are available free of charge to our inventors
  • The various sections of our website are available free of charge to our inventors to promote their inventions to the general public, the media, companies or potential investors.

If your invention project is currently being handled by another company and you'd like to transfer it to Inventarium, you can do so at any stage of the process, free of charge.

A propos

A leader in invention protection in Quebec since 2001, Inventarium was founded by Daniel Paquette, inventor of the school bus remote arm and holder of several other successful inventions, to enable inventors in Quebec and across Canada to protect and patent their invention ideas at a fraction of the cost of patent agencies.


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Leader en protection d'inventions au Québec depuis 2001, Inventarium a été fondée par Daniel Paquette